At Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, we are committed to protecting you, as well as your account and personal information. It is important to keep in mind that because you are a member of Notre Dame FCU, we already have all of your personal information. We will never contact you to obtain that information via any means, including email, telephone, mail, instant or text messaging, etc. Additionally, we employ a number of safety and security measures to safeguard your money and your identity.

How we protect you:

  • Online Banking - Multi-factor authentication helps ensure your login security
  • Verified by Visa - An extra layer of security while shopping online with certain merchants
  • Encrypted ATM Transactions - Each transaction is encrypted to keep your card and PIN safe
  • Cyveillance - Our partnership with this world leader in cyber intelligence, allows us to identify and eliminate threats before they cause significant harm
  • Real-Time Fraud Monitoring - Monitoring on your debit and credit card transactions to identify any potential compromised cards
  • Intrusion Detection Technology - Our computer networks are equipped with this technology to prevent unwanted and unauthorized access
  • Annual Security Training - Each year, our employees undergo mandatory training to reinforce our safeguarding policies, as well as, to educate employees of new threats, scams, and criminal activities

How to protect yourself:

  • Shred - all financial documents and paperwork with personal information before you discard them
  • Guard - your Social Security Number (SSN). Give out only when necessary and only when a different form of ID cannot be used
  • Do not click - on links sent in unsolicited emails. Always use firewalls, anti-spyware, and anti-virus software to protect your computer; keep them up-to-date
  • Never provide - your personal information in response to an unsolicited request, whether it is over the phone or on the internet
  • Switch - to eStatements to protect your personal account information from unauthorized access out of your mailbox
  • Report - any lost or stolen credit or debit cards to the credit union immediately
  • Monitor - your account transactions and statements to help alert you to any suspicious activity