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Annual Report 2018

Dear Fellow Member-Owners,

Each year, when the time comes to pause and write this Annual Report letter to you, it is one of the few times I permit myself the luxury of looking back rather than always focusing on the future. Through this exercise, I find myself considering the things that we could have done better in 2018 – mistakes that could have been avoided or situations that could have been handled differently. Through that process, it is a great chance to use these situations as opportunities to become wiser and more effective as your CEO.

Pathways April 2019

In this issue of Pathways: GreenPath newsletter:

  • Give Yourself a Financial Wellness Boost! How to Start Saving Money
  • Three Ways to Save Money
  • Pay off your debt as quickly as you can
  • Automate your savings, just like a bill
  • Build your emergency fund

Get on the path to financial wellness: download PDF.

Spring 2019 Newsletter

Dear Fellow Member-Owners,

I hope you are enjoying the Spring season. Here at the credit union, we are looking for fresh ways to improve the Notre Dame FCU Member-Owner experience. I hope by now all of you are enjoying the recently updated mobile banking app with single sign-on. Many thanks to those of you that have provided feedback.

Notre Dame FCU Proudly Supports Logan Nose On

Since 2003, Notre Dame FCU has supported LOGAN's Annual Logan Nose-On Campaign by lending our helping hands towards their fundraising efforts. The Great LOGAN Nose-On has become one of the community’s favorite traditions. It all began way back in 1988, when LOGAN came up with the unusual idea of selling green noses to raise money and awareness in support of the agency’s mission to serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.