Notre Dame FCU Proudly Supports Clothe-A-Child

Since 1996, Notre Dame FCU has supported The Christ Child Society of South Bend's Annual Clothe-a-Child Campaign by lending our helping hands towards their fundraising efforts. Ultimately, this effort will help to keep underprivileged kids in the Michiana area warm during the approaching cold weather months.
Clothe-A-Child is the second largest and most visible fundraiser contributing to The Christ Child Society of South Bend’s clothing budget needs. Notre Dame Federal Credit Union’s partners will be selling brightly colored paper dolls to our members for a dollar per doll. All proceeds go directly towards purchasing new clothing, cold weather attire, and shoes for at-risk children regardless of race or creed.

The Christ Child Society of South Bend is comprised solely of volunteers. The South Bend chapter receives no funds from the National Christ Child Society nor do they receive funds from the government or United Way. All charitable projects are supported through fundraising efforts and donations.
Notre Dame FCU’s charitable efforts kick off in the fall starting Friday, October 1 and concluding Saturday, October 23. We hope that our fundraising efforts will help impact the lives of deserving children.