It's not an ATM. It's a Credit Union in a Box. Without leaving your car, you can cash a check, make a payment, make a deposit, transfer funds, speak with a live teller

An interactive teller machine, or ITM, uses video-based interactive technology to give members the ability to interact with a live teller who is located remotely in a video call center.

With Notre Dame FCU's ITMs, members can complete many of the same teller services that are conducted inside a branch. Cash a check. Check your balance. Make a deposit. Transfer funds. And best of all? Speak face-to-face with a real, live 100% human person...without ever leaving your vehicle. Ask questions. Tell a joke. Chat about the weather.

The all new I-T-Ms, Interactive Teller Machines, are currently located at: Granger and Portage. Coming this July to the Moreau Branch

Portage Branch
3457 Portage Ave
South Bend, IN
Granger Branch
14535 State Road 23
Granger, IN
Moreau Branch
1828 Moreau Dr
Notre Dame, IN