Notre Dame Federal Credit Union is pleased to be collaborating with Holy Cross College in building a tuition payment plan. This plan is designed to assist parents and students with tuition to make that outstanding balance easier to manage. The plan will break down your outstanding balance for the semester into five easy payments. Click Apply Now and choose either Holy Cross Tuition $2K-$5K or Holy Cross Tuition $5000+ to get started.

The details of the plan are as follows:

  • The plan will allow a student to borrow a minimum of $2,000 up to a maximum of $10,000 per semester.
  • To participate in the plan there will be a fee included as part of the amount borrowed. The fee schedule is:
    $2,000*-$5,000 = $50
    $5,000* - $10,000 = $75
  • Monthly payments will be made to Notre Dame FCU - Directions to set up payments can be discussed with a Notre Dame FCU representative.
  • Interested candidates will need to become members of Notre Dame FCU. All Holy Cross students qualify for membership and will only require a $5 deposit to open an account.
  • The plan will be in the student's name with the parent(s) as co-signer.

For more information, please contact Notre Dame FCU at 800-522-6611 or by email at ndfcu@NotreDameFCU.com.

For more information about your Student Billing account, please contact the Bursar at 574-239-8403 or by email at dmuszer@hcc-nd.edu.