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Founded in 1941, Notre Dame FCU has grown from its origins in the Admin Building at the University of Notre Dame. Today, we serve over 850 groups in all 50 states.
Best Give Back Ever


In the past year, Notre Dame FCU has donated over $150,000 to more than seventy non-profit organizations and returned over $750,000 in rewards and cash back to our members. Not even halfway through 2018 and we are well on our way to beating this number. And we are not done yet! Additionally, our employees have volunteered more than 3,600 hours supporting the causes they care so deeply about.

Join us on June 1, 2018, from 3:00-8:00 PM, at our Downtown South Bend Branch to celebrate the community with the Best.GiveBack.Ever.

Come play to win cash

Fraud Prevention Alert

It has come to our attention a handful of members received telephone calls from one or more fraudsters claiming to be representatives of Notre Dame FCU over the past few days. The scammers claimed the member is behind on their credit card payment and requested their full credit card number to assist in collecting a payment. As a reminder, Notre Dame FCU will never call and ask our members for their personally identifiable information over the telephone.

As you know, fraud attempts come in many forms and through various channels. If you receive a suspicious

Executive Spotlight - Thomas J. Gryp

Thomas J. Gryp President/CEO

Q: What led you to the credit union sector and to Notre Dame Federal Credit Union? A: Prior to joining Notre Dame FCU, I spent most of my career in the community bank and financial services sector. Through those experiences, I gained an extensive education in how to look objectively at financial solutions through the eyes of my clients. This "outside-in" perspective provided invaluable throughout my career. My job at Notre Dame FCU brought me back to my hometown and gave

is it the right time to refinance?

When is it time to refinance my vehicle?

If refinancing could leave you with extra money in your pocket, it may be a good time to do it. Here are some of the times when it may prove worthwhile to look into it.


If refinancing can lower your regular monthly payment, it may free up money for other needs in your budget.


Lowering your rate will often lower your payment and allow you to pay far less interest over the life of the loan.


A better credit score often means a lower interest rate.


While you may end up with higher monthly

steps to payoff your loan early

How can I payoff my car loan faster?

We've put together a few great tips to help you with some ways to help you pay down your car loan faster.


Paying bi-weekly will actually allow you to pay less interest over the life of the loan. And since there are 52 weeks in a year, you will end up making 26 payments—paying more than you would with monthly payments.


Make an extra payment to your loan whenever you can to help pay down the balance. Decide whether you'd like to take money from a bonus or tax return to put towards this. You could also divide your regular payment by 12

My Car is paid off! checklist

So you've paid off your car loan, now what do you do?


High five! You've paid it off! It's exciting to see that item down to zero on your budget and you should take a moment to congratulate yourself for it!


You will want to make sure you get the vehicle title in your possession and stored in a safe place. Here at Notre Dame FCU, once you payoff your vehicle, we will take care of the rest. Once payment is received, the process of releasing your title will be started. You will receive it through the mail in approximately 2-3 business days with standard delivery.


You have been

FHA Mortgages: A Beginner’s Guide

Although the economy has vastly improved since the Housing Crisis of 2008, there are still a number of people who have been left behind when it comes to homeownership. The median value of a home has risen over 30% since 2012—from $151,000 to $201,000—but the Average Wage Index has only grown about 5%. And according to a recent survey from, 63% of Americans don’t have enough savings to cover a $500 emergency, let alone a down payment on a house. All of these figures have led to the lowest rate of homeownership since 1965.

Despite these statistics, homeownership is still